Table of Contents

  1. GoToCelestial Navigation Theory
    Introduces Formulae for calculating distances between points on earth or on celestial sphere.

  2. GoToSextant Errors and Corrections
    Describes the errors arising from the sextant, atmosphere, and celestial objects themselves.

  3. GoToRhumb Lines Calculations
    Describes the notions of longitude, departure, and distance for rhumb line plotting.

  4. GoToCoastal Navigation and Conning
    Techniques of plotting a fix in coastal navigation.

  5. GoToNavigation Calculators
    Calculators for obtaining a position line from a sextant reading, plotting courses, calculating the intercept position etc. The calculators are copyrighted under the GNU General Public License and you are welcome to copy the page for your own use and even to redistribute it as long as you abide by the conditions of the license.